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October 19, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Ever play with cars as a kid?


The game play is simple. A decks of cards is shuffled and the track is put down virtually anywhere. The cards are kept face down. The faces of the cards are turned up when the car is on the card right in front of it. That card face will tell what happens with the car. It might just move onto that card or jump ahead several spaces. It might blow out a tire, have to stop for a light, take a shortcut or a detour or even have to lose a turn stopping for a traffic light. It is even possible to sideswipe your opponent and force him or her to miss a turn getting back on the road. There are oil slicks and other hazards.

The first car to get to the finish line wins. If playing a series of races, the winner claims a trophy card which carries a special ability that can be used in the next race.

There is also a special RPM deck created for kids 8 and up. These cards can be used to aid your own car or hinder the opponent. but they are available in limited numbers so finding the best time to use these cards will be critical to winning the race.

Tracks can be set up as long or short as needed depending on the time available to race.

Depending on the number and types of decks you want to purchase, the cost of the game runs from $11 to $32.

The Kickstarter for this project closes on Oct. 28. Delivery of the game is expected in December. Anybody planning to buy anything for kids during that month? This is such a intriguing idea. I can't wait to get the game myself and try it out with the grandkids.

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