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June 18, 2014

Golfing for fun and charity

Today's column is devoted to golf. Part one is in the pursuit of fun and a good cause. Part two is about the pursuit of excellence.

Tuesday my day was devoted to playing in the charity golf tournament called the Children's Clinic Classic. Proceeds from this wonderful event are used to run the St. John's Children's Clinic, which treats kids whose families are unable to provide adequate medical for those children.

This year, the tournament and surrounding festivities raised a record $115,000. I am pleased to be a small part of that. For the past several years I played in the tournament as part of a group of golfers sponsored by The Herald Bulletin.

This year I was invited to participate as a celebrity. It was quite an experience. The tournament is very well run top to bottom. The people who run it are personable and professional. Their goal is clearly to show the people participoating a good time. They succeed at all levels.

But another reason why the day was so enjoyable despite the hot and humid temperatures was my teammates. John Dillman, Marc Scharnowske, Libby Freer and Johnny Jones struck a perfect balance for me between being competitive and having a good time.

I would welcome an opportunity to play with any or all of those four at any time.

We finished the day at 10-under-par and while that was nowhere near good enough to take home any of the top prizes, there were more teams who did worse than us than there were that did better. To Libby, John, Marc and Johnny, I want to thank you for making the day equal parts enjoyable and mermorable.

I don';t know if I will be asked to play as a celebrity again, but even if I am not, it is an experience I will treasure among my best golfing memories.

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