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July 16, 2014

Rick Bramwell: Do big city folks have a passion for hunting?

On a recent drive to the West Coast, my imagination ran wild as I passed through different types of habitat.

I saw several small herds of antelope and looked hard for mule deer whenever I saw crossing signs. When I arrived in San Francisco, I looked around and realized that hunting seldom crosses the minds of its inhabitants.

Perhaps, you are like me, I like to think most mid-westerners have an understanding and appreciation for hunting. It never crossed my mind that folks in big cities, far removed from the life I know, might think differently.

My daughter Jourdan and I soon found out that taking public transportation makes more sense than driving in San Francisco. I wanted to stop at a downtown market; when we finally found a parking spot, the meter wanted a minimum of $2. The next day we took rail transit that was $2 for Jourdan and 75 cents for me, a senior citizen.

There was such a mass of humanity with everyone seaming to have a purpose in life and a place to go. I wondered how many of these people ever hunted or even had an opinion on hunting. If I had the opportunity to tell a San Franciscan about hunting and why I hunt, what would I say? The future of our sport might depend on the answer.

July 1 each year is a specific hunting date for me. It is when sportsmen can begin applying for reserved hunts through the Indiana DNR website. I am especially interested in the state park and military deer hunts.

Last year, I hunted Brown County State Park and took two deer. I was surprised to see it open again this season. This is rugged terrain with a lot of dead areas, but getting on the right ridge can be dynamite.

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