The Herald Bulletin

July 25, 2013

Rick Bramwell: An inconvenient history with horse flies

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Indiana State Fair is billing this, “The year of Popcorn.” I think it is the year of the horsefly.

I have been riding my bike past a south Madison County woods. When I slow, cresting a hill, the horseflies are all over me. One day, I stopped my truck to let a rabbit off the road. Those pesky flies were drawn to the heat of the engine.

Recently, three horseflies were waiting for me when I opened the garage door.

When I was six, Grandpa Cotton told me to hold the reins while he went into the barn to get fence-mending tools. A horsefly bit one of the horses, and off I went down the road pulling back on the reins and yelling whoa. Gramp caught up with us, and I was saved; haven’t liked horseflies since.

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Finally, I had to run 400 feet of hose to my garden. The promised early week rain did not arrive.

The pond Bob May and I caught big bluegill from last winter has experienced a substantial fish kill; big bluegill and catfish floating and bloating.

An overflow pipe broke allowing a drastic fall in the water level. Recent hot weather caused the pond to stratify and loose oxygen.

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According to a report from J.R. Rosencrans, big worms punched the ticket in a recent tournament. His report: Geist was almost too weedy, The Aqua Bassmasters, Bass Club caught a total of 41 bass, weighing in at 85.19 pounds, earlier this month.

First place and big bass went to the team of Bob Reed and Tim Mcquistion. They had a total of 26.4 pounds. They were throwing 10-inch worms, working them over the grass mats, then letting them slowly fall into the deeper water.

Big bass weighed in at 4.59 pounds

Aqua Bassmasters then fished Lake Wawasee a week later, encountering sparse grass. Only 15 bass were weighed. The Team of Wheeler and Rosencrans took first place with 7.4 pounds.

Fishing docks with spinner baits and plastic sweet beavers proved the ticket for most fish caught.

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The Anderson Friends of the NRA are holding their 13th annual banquet and fundraiser at the Blu Falls Arts & Events Center, 8820 S. State Road 9, in Pendleton on Aug. 22. Doors open at 5 p.m. with dinner served at 6:30.

You do not need to be an NRA member to attend. Dinner tickets are $40, but the best deal is the Big Shooter Packet where you get a dinner ticket and $100 worth of raffle tickets for $100.

The committee will shut off reservations at 400. Act quickly they have sold 350 tickcets thus far. They plan to quit taking reservations Aug. 5, but I’m guessing tickets will be gone by then.

For more information, go to or call Dan Wehner at 617-0657.

Also, there is a pre-event raffle with three ARs, two pistols, and a Native Crossbow. Local gun shops have these tickets or contact Wehner. Winner gets choice of three weapons, second and third get what is left.