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March 20, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Korn, Psycho T my kind of players

— Over the years I have developed a type of basketball player that I really favor watching.

This column will be about two players who fit that mold. One of those is Frankton’s Aaron Korn and the other is the Indiana Pacers’ Tyler Hansbrough.

I just found out today that Korn has been named to the Junior Indiana All-Stars team. That team will play a few exhibition game against the Indiana All-Star Team before that team engages in the two-game series against Kentucky.

He is deserving of that honor and not just because he is the all-time scoring leader in Frankton boys basketball history. It is also because of how hard he plays on both ends of the floor. He often takes on the opponent’s top scorer. His long wingspan makes it difficult to get around him or shoot over him. He also is regularly the Eagles’ top rebounder.

Often the Indiana All-Stars of this year are Junior All-Stars the year before. I hope this bodes well for Korn in the future.

Just as the girls did a month ago, it is now possible for fans to cast votes for this year’s Indiana All-Stars. To get involved, go to:

As for Hansbrough, if you’re a Pacers fan and he isn’t one of your favorite players I have just one question: What’s wrong with you?

Next time you watch a Pacers’ game, try to not follow the ball when it cross mid-court and instead just focus on Hansbrough. You’ll quickly understand the reason he’s been tagged as “Psycho T.”

The man clearly has a motor that is running constantly until he finally gets time on the bench. The last two games have been played with David West and that’s opened up a wealth of playing time for Hansbrough. He’s made the most of it.

Both times he’s gotten into double figures in both scoring and rebounding. Tuesday night against Orlando he had 14 of each. It is the final two points and the final rebound of that game on which I want to focus.

On the defensive end, he took an elbow to the abdomen and it triggered muscle spasms. But instead of going down in pain, he chose a different path. At the same time as the pain kicked in, the Pacers got the ball and pushed it up the floor in a fast break. He followed as quickly as he could.

When Indiana missed its shot, it was Hansbrough who grabbed rebound No. 14 and then put it against the glass and into the hoop for points No. 13 and 14.

That was a testimony to the way he plays every game, all the time. What more could Pacers fans want out of their players?

It was possible that Indiana locked up a playoff spot officially as the Philadelphia 76ers visited the Los Angeles Clippers. If Philly lost, the Pacers are in. Indiana appears to be on its way to a No. 2 seed in the East. It is richly deserved.

Sports Editor Rick Teverbaugh’s columns appear twice weekly.

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