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March 13, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Jealous of AU's trip to warmth

The Herald Bulletin

— I am trying very hard not to hold a grudge against the players and coaches of the Anderson University baseball and softball teams.

You see, they are going to Florida this weekend to play some games in 80 degree weather while I am staying here in Indiana where I can hold my breath longer than the temperature can remain over 50 degrees.

It was always my goal to make one of those trips with one of those teams. Now it seems that will only happen after I retire. Those junkets used to take place around the first week of the boys high school basketball sectionals, so coverage was out of the question. Now it still is on the schedule before the winter sports have completely finished, so I will remain rooted here.

But when both teams open their home seasons on March 29, hopefully the weather will be warmer here and fans will venture out to see the Ravens. Both will be worth the trip.

The baseball team has a lot of new faces with much promise. AU will be enjoyable to watch as it develops over the course of the season.

The softball team is deep with proven veterans from a group that had an unbeaten Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference season a year ago.

Both teams also have a couple of players with local connections. I encourage softball and baseball fans to make the trip to see these two teams soon after the Florida trip is completed and don’t hold their tans against them.

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Since I am stuck here, I may as well watch the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament, which opens today with Purdue playing the early evening game against Nebraska and Indiana waiting until Friday to get into action.

The Boilermakers should be able to advance through that game as the No. 7 seed against the No. 10 Huskers. But at tournament time, you never know.

Indiana will face the winner of today’s first game, Illinois vs. Minnesota. Even though both teams defeated the Hoosiers this season, a repeat of that is highly unlikely.

There are those who are still after IU coach Tom Crean for his heated exchange with Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer, pointing out that Meyer has integrity and class. But it still is true that he was part of the IU program under Kelvin Sampson and you do get known by the company you keep.

Perhaps Crean could have picked a better time to vent at Meyer for the hole he had a hand in putting the Hoosiers in, but I enjoy Crean’s ownership of the program to even take offense to things that happened before he arrived in Bloomington.

Certainly it isn’t hard to understand why Crean would hold hard feelings against those involved in the dismantling of the Indiana program.

Cream has an exuberant personality which is easy to see during the games. Apparently it isn’t easy to turn it off quickly. So be it.

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