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September 5, 2013

Hoosier Park more fun online

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I went out to Hoosier Park on Wednesday so I could take a first-hand look at a new system at Hoosier Park, which makes it easier to follow a particular horse during a race.

The system is called Trakus. It just started on Tuesday evening. Thanks to the people at the track and the folks from Trakus, I was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into putting this feature on the screen for all to utilize.

I do believe people will enjoy following the races as they happen at Hoosier Park more than ever with this system.

But I found something else that Trakus provides which will increase my enjoyment of the racing after it is over from the comfort of my living room’s easy chair.

A lot of detailed information is available now just minutes after each race on the Hoosier Park website. You can find it at:

You can find what some of that data includes in my story elsewhere on that page. But there’s something more now available that has me even more excited.

The data that is collected by Trakus during each race is also used to do a computer animation replay of that race. That replay is available at the same spot on Hoosier Park’s website where the data can be found.

Not only is the animation replay available, but there are three views from which to choose.

There is a driver’s view, which is actually a bit higher than a real driver view and the camera is stationary at about mid-pack. So, during the course of the race, some horses will fall behind you and out of sight and some will appear as if from behind you and roll into contention.

Next there is an overhead view. That one centers over the lead group of horses and isn’t ideal to see a horse making progress from well off the pace, but otherwise it is a good viewpoint.

Finally there is the side view. That is my actual favorite. In this view you can generally see all of the horses, even the ones who are biding their time. Also this is the view that shows how much detail has been added to recreate the Hoosier Park surroundings. It really feels like watching a race at Hoosier Park.

I can certainly envision myself going home after work and bringing up a couple of the more interesting races from that night and watching them unfold.

It will be entertaining to be able to watch one particular driver who perhaps had multiple wins that night to see how he drove in each race.

I am already a huge Hoosier Park supporter but this will doubtless turn me into a much bigger fan. I applaud Trakus for such a good and varied system. I also thank Hoosier Park and the horsemen for putting up the money to put this system into place. It is a win-win for all people concerned.