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January 17, 2014

Youth tournament results are in

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Lucky Strike and Norwood Bowl played host to this year’s County Youth Tournament recently and the results are in. There were four divisions this year based upon average and number of entries.

In Division One, the team event champions were Cooper’s Spoiled Ones consisting of Jaxon Fetty, Matt Robey, Haley Brown and Emily Young. The doubles event champions were Kasey Carney and Michael Carney. Singles first place went to Austyn Bragg with Chet Maynard finishing second.

In the all-events handicap boys division, Chet Maynard claimed top honors while Matt Robey brought home first place in the all-events actual category. The all-events handicap girls division winner is Kasey Carney with Emily Young bringing home first place in the all-events actual division.

Division two team event was won by the Norwood Guys made up of Guy Maynard, Tylor Haskins, Noah Dockrey and Chet Maynard. Doubles event champions were Landen Wright and Dylan Holford. Mat Sattler claimed first place in singles with Tylor Haskins finishing second.

Mat Sattler also finished in first place in the boys all-events handicap division, while Tylor Haskins took home first place in all-events actual. The girls all-events handicap champion is Cassady McCord with Shayla Gwynn winning all-events actual.

Division three team event champions are Caleb Hamilton, Taylor Smith, Nathan Smith and Delaney Teashner. Doubles champions are Krista Gwynn and Cheyanne Hill. Singles champion is Matt Carney and Kylee Trexler claimed second place.

First place in the all-events handicap boys division was claimed by Matt Barney and Bryce Hiatt claimed top honors in the all-events actual division. Kylee Trexler took home first place in the girls all-events handicap division. Connor McCoy was the champion in the girls all-events actual division.

Team champions in division four was Cooper’s #13 consisting of Lacey Dewey, Ender Kovacs, Nickolas Knotts and Augusta Hollingsworth. Ender Kovacs and Nickolas Knotts won the doubles event. The singles event winner was Katie Donahue with Tyler Summers claiming second place.

All-events handicap champion in the boys division is Tyler Summers with Ender Kovacs winning the all-events actual division. The girls all-events handicap winner is Delaney Teascher and Kelsey Reth took home first place in the all-events actual division.

Tonight wraps up the regular season for high school bowling. Tonight’s position round will be held at Stardust in Noblesville. There should be some great bowling as tonight’s match-ups will be a determining factor for the conference champions in both the boys and girls.

Next week is the high school sectionals, with the boys in Elwood at Wells Lanes and the girls at Norwood Bowl in Alexandria. The individuals event will be held on Saturday, with team event on Sunday.

The JV high school teams also wrap up their season this weekend. Norwood will play host on Saturday for an end-of-the-year individual scholarship tournament. Start time is 5 p.m.

Congratulations to Shayla Gwynn who rolled a high game of 266 with nine strikes in row during the Pick Your Partner league last week. Did I mention that Gwynn is only 10 years old? Great bowling, Shayla!

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