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January 17, 2014

Rick Teverbaugh: Rooting interest isn't hard now

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Picking favorites for my rooting interest this weekend in the NFL will be a snap.

The AFC Championship will be the easiest of them all. I would pull for the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning against any team in the NFL, except the Indianapolis Colts. On the other hand, I would cheer for any team playing against the New England Patriots.

I love how those two synergies work together for that game.

It doesn’t seem to me that the Patriots are as good as some commentators think they are. But the Broncos have their problems as well. Yet offense isn’t one of those problems.

I like the Broncos to win and I think the score will be something like 34-24.

The other game follows a similar path of like versus dislike.

I don’t at all care for Pete Carroll, the head coach for Seattle. I don’t question the fact that he is a very good coach, but I don’t like the manner in which he departed from USC and nothing about his demeanor with the Seahawks has improved my opinion.

On the other sideline is Jim Harbaugh, head coach for San Francisco. I have several reasons to like Harbaugh.

He was born in Toledo. That is where I spent many of the summers of my youth as my grandfather lived there and raised beagles. Secondly, he didn’t get along with Bears coach Mike Ditka, always a plus.

Then there is that four-year run he had as the Colts quarterback. He was just one completed pass away from taking my favorite NFL team to the Super Bowl in a game I watched in person from a chilly pressbox seat at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.

All that adds up to a team that I can root for, despite my intense dislike for any sports team from San Francisco.

My prediction for that game isn’t the one I enjoy making. I see Seattle winning 20-17.

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to watch the Indiana Pacers play. One of my all-time favorite Pacers is, not surprisingly, Reggie Miller. This evening, thanks to my DVR at home, I will be able to combine those two interests.

The NBA Network is showing a half-hour special devoted to this year’s Pacers team. The person running the show is none other than Miller.

The show is supposed to air at 5:30 p.m. I will already be at Elwood for the girls/boys double-header by that time, so I will watch it when my evening is finished. It should be enjoyable and informative.

As I write this, the Pacers are up by nine points against the New York Knicks approaching halftime. As slick roads have made travel tricky on Thursday, our deadline has been pushed earlier. We won’t have a story about Indiana in the print edition but go to our website for a full story.

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