The Herald Bulletin

August 22, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Football coverage plans change

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

— How in the world did this happen? It was summer. I blinked and football starts Friday.

It does make sense in a way. We’ve had a mild summer and just as temperatures vault into the upper 80s, it is time for players to don the pads and play football.

The way Friday night’s games are presented to THB subscribers is changing beginning this Saturday.

Each week, George Bremer will be covering our Game of the Week and one of our photographers will be there to provide photos. We will move around from school to school and rivalry to rivalry to get the most promising matchup covered each week.

Then we will have three or four other writers out at games each Friday.

All of the writers will be providing scores and some details from their games at our THB Sports Twitter account so the prep football fans should definitely follow us there.

If fans are attending games and not seeing Twitter updates, it likely means there is no writer at that game. In that case, we would encourage people to Tweet quarter scores and a final score to us so we can retweet it and use it in the scoreboard of the print edition.

The writers we send out plus, hopefully, the coaches of the teams we aren’t covering are going to call in a few details on the games and we will have a roundup, for the print edition, of all games other than the Game of the Week.

The reason we will only have one full story in print plus a roundup is because of more pressure from earlier deadlines than in years past. In order to meet those deadlines so that all subscribers can have their papers delivered on time each morning, we had to adopt this new way to present game stories for print.

But once those writers report details for our roundup, they will go on to write full stories, which will be posted online as soon as we receive them and can get them posted on our website.

We think, in this way, we have the best chance to get something in on most, if not all of our area teams for the print edition and more detail on four of them for the website.

Should you fail to see your favorite team included in at least the roundup in print, you can safely assume two things. One of them is that we didn’t send a writer to that game. We have nine schools in our area that play football and no more than five writers upon which we can rely for stories. Besides George Bremer, we have Justin Bates, Heather Bremer, William Cross and Travis Whitton.

The second thing it will tell you is that nobody from your school called us with details of the game. We hope that seldom happens. Just over a day until the first kickoff. Let’s play some prep football.