The Herald Bulletin

February 20, 2014

Rick Bramwell: Growing up, branching out

The Herald Bulletin

---- — In years past this column often talked about my daughter Jourdan. She grew up hunting and fishing with her dad.

There was a transition period when it was difficult to see her grow up and leave for college. I do not get to see Jourdan nearly enough, these days, but we talk a lot on the phone. With all of her recent accomplishments, I thought it prudent to give you an update.

Jourdan attends the IU School of Health at Bloomington and will graduate this spring. Her major is human development and family studies with minors in counseling and psychology. After graduation she will pursue a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy. Jourdan made the dean’s list with a perfect 4.0 grade average last semester.

In high school, Jourdan was never a great athlete, but with her pitching and my granddaughter Hayley playing shortstop, I was rewarded with a perfect season. Today, my lovely young lady is at the top of her game. She has worked four years at the IU Fitness Center and has taken to heart the things she has learned. Jourdan will compete at a regional fitness competition this June in Indianapolis.

Jourdan began working out in high school at MyTime Fitness, Pendleton. Phil Holden and his staff helped her rehab after a car accident left her with a bulging disc. MyTime is sponsoring Jourdan in her competition.

Jourdan and Connie Hathcoat have held my feet to the fire to get me into the best shape of my adult life. The secret to feeling good all day is not eating breakfast, but drinking it. I make a shake every morning with a whey formula powder. I mix it with almond milk or one percent milk. Recently, I’ve been drinking a Super Mass Gainer protein formula. This satisfies my sweet tooth, as well.

Dads always have a way of keeping their daughters little in their minds, but it has not gone unnoticed that she has become a beautiful young woman.

As you read this, Jourdan is in Denver, Colo., interviewing for a graduate course at the University of Colorado. Earlier, this week, she had a video interview with Auburn University. She is in line for others as far away as Portland, Ore. Good thing, I have Skype on my computer.

I will seize upon every opportunity to do things with Jourdan this spring and summer. The daughter I love so much, will soon be far away and a lot more grown up than the little girl who used to hide from me in the tube slides at the playgrounds.

Recently, I learned that my old friend and former judo instructor, Bud McCorkle was teaching classes at the Iron Horse in Pendleton. Young kids to adults are learning judo and the self-discipline that comes with it. I’ve got four 14-year-olds taking the lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. Come and watch.

Tim Beck’s new state record 305-7/8 non-typical whitetail will be on display at the Deer & Turkey Expo tonight through Sunday.