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November 21, 2013

Angie Colip: Buckner perfect at Cooper's

By Angie Colip
For The Herald Bulletin

---- — As I said last week, perfection is coming in on a regular basis. Terry Buckner shot the fourth 300 game of the season on Wednesday night in the Industrial/Teachers league at Cooper’s Sport Bowl. Not only was it the fourth of the season but also the fourth 300 game of Buckner’s career.

Buckner started the night out with a 256 game and followed it up with his perfect game. He finished the night with a 740 series. Great bowling, Buckner!

On Tuesday night in the TNBA league Michael Head just missed his perfect game with a 298 and took over the high series of the year with a 791. Congratulations!

Also on Wednesday night, Steve Colip rolled three clean games. Colip started off with a 258 game followed by a 269 and finished the night with a 248 for a 775 series. Eight strikes in the last game with three 10-pin leaves kept Colip from his perfect game.

It was a great night of bowling with Brandon Robinson adding his 767 series to the books.

I was fortunate to have witnessed Wednesday’s accomplishments, which is rare for me. I usually only get the news after the fact and report what is given to me. This week I got to see first-hand some really great bowling.

I stayed in the back ground and just enjoyed the evening. Watching this league bowl is quite a treat.

As I talked with some of the bowlers, I heard how the lanes were being played and how this move or that move was the right one. Or the wrong one. They were reading the lanes and adjusting their game accordingly.

That is where I struggle. Reading the lanes and adjusting to the conditions is definitely not my strength. My experiment was not a success this week. I tried to apply all that I have learned over the years, and it did not help me.

The main objective is to hit a certain mark, or board. That is where it all begins. If you cannot do that, everything else is futile. That is my downfall. Once I can manage to hit a mark, I can begin the process of improvement. Until then, I will keep at it.

This week’s high school bowling will be held at Cooper’s Sport Bowl. Start time is 5 p.m. Friday. There are still teams that are undefeated and the competition is heating up.

The Junior Varsity bowling team competition is also this weekend. Stardust Bowl in Noblesville will play host at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

I know that I report a lot on the youth bowling of the area. I believe that they are deserving of recognition for their efforts and accomplishments. They are our future adult bowlers and it is fun for me to see them improve over the years. I also report on the men’s, women’s, mixed and senior leagues for our area, though the information is not as abundant. If you have information that you would like to share, please contact me.

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