The Herald Bulletin

September 19, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Viewing history as it happens

The Herald Bulletin

---- — During my lifetime, there have been several historic sports achievements.

In the NBA, there was an era that included Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, a rush of talent that might never again be equaled.

In the NFL, there was the Miami Dolphins’ unbeaten season. In college basketball, there was the remarkable run of John Wooden at UCLA and the perfect season of the Indiana Hoosiers. None of those have since been surpassed or even reached.

But the point of all of this is how were these patches of time regarded just before they happened and while they were taking place? I venture to say that they were undervalued when they were unfolding.

I will list one more example.

One of my all-time favorite athletes was Secretariat. He performed at an unbelievable level when the spotlight was the brightest. He set track records that are still standing. But how many paid him much attention when he raced as a 2-year-old? How many during the early stages of his 3-year-old campaign?

Horse racing fans in central Indiana will get a unique opportunity to see a competitor this Saturday that just might draw some superlatives not often written once he has finished racing and becomes a big story in the history book of harness racing.

Hoosier Park will host Captaintreacherous on Saturday night in a $50,000 Invitational Pace for 3-year-olds.

This horse was the Pacer of the Year a year ago. He is the first to win that honor as a 2-year-old in 25 years and third ever to manage it, joining legends Camtastic and Niatross. I wish I could have seen either of those two horses run in their prime.

But now there is a chance to see a horse that might someday be rated at that level and have the viewing take place in our own backyard.

Captaintreacherous has won over $2.3 million in his career. During his first season of racing, he hit the 1:50 mark or better four times. No horse has ever done that.

He has gone to the gate eight times this season and won seven times, amassing over $1.4 million.

The horse is trained by Tony Alagna and will be driven by Tim Tetrick.

This will be a special evening. There will be six horses to challenge the Captain. Remember that even Secretariat lost the Wood Memorial the year he won the Triple Crown. Each of those six would have a permanent reputation boost were they to defeat him.

Post time is expected to be about 9:30 p.m. That means much of the day’s activity can still be completed with time remaining to go see this tremendous horse.

I know my plans include being at Hoosier Park for much of the evening. There will be $750,000 at stake in purses and a lot of great competition on the card. First post is 5:30. See you there!