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June 20, 2013

Rick Bramwell: Summer brings many natural wonders

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I love this time of year, except for the mowing. I live on six acres and have to mow a third of that. My yard has a secret garden and a couple of clumps of honey suckle. Mowing can sometimes be an adventure.

The edge of my yard is adorned with fence rows laden with wild black raspberries. I picked my first ripe ones Tuesday morning. They were so sweet.

The south fence joins my neighbor's yard. It is the one place that is unlikely to give up a treat or reveal wildlife. As I tucked the John Deere close to the fence, baby rabbits started pouring out the other side. My neighbor had let a corner grow up a little, and mother cottontail thought it a good place to raise her young.

* * *

A friend told me about a beagle named Radar who needed a new home. Radar has been hunted with before and is four years old and very lovable. I tried keeping him, but he likes the neighbor's chickens. If you can give this beagle a new home contact me at

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Last Saturday a Crappiethon tournament was held on the upper Wabash Reservoirs. An Anderson man did well, and the amateurs way outfished the pros.

Semi-Pro Division results

Taking first place was the team of Charlie Hildreth of Gaston and Paul Hildreth of Muncie with a total weight of 2.95 pounds and earning $1,000. The Hildreths were fishing Mississinewa, slow trolling in 6 to 20 feet of water using Southern Pro chartreuse glow 2-inch tubes tipped with shiners.

Second place went to lone angler Ron Bilbry of Anderson with a weight of 2.78 pounds and earning $600. Bilbry also fished Mississinewa using his Driftmaster Rod Holders and B'n'M Poles to spider rig shiners and catching between 100 to 150 fish for the day.

Amateur Division results

First place in the amateur division was the team of Jeff Yeakle of Jonesboro and Jonathan Brumley III of Marion with a weight of 5.08 pounds and earning $650. Yeakle and Brumley were slow trolling Southern Pro chartreuse sparkle jigs tipped with shiners in 4 to 5 feet of water to catch over 100 fish for the day.

Second place went to Eric Vandeventer and Monte Martin of West Lafayette with a weight of 4.19 pounds and earning $400. Vandeventer and Martin also captured big fish of the event with a 1.53-pound crappie, giving the team an additional $234.50. Vandeventer and Martin, like the others, were spider rigging in 14 to 20 feet of water using Southern Pro jigs tipped with crappie Nibbles with most of their 130 to 140 fish coming off points.

Looks like most of the successful anglers chose Mississinewa over Salamonie.