The Herald Bulletin

December 4, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Lewis put down good foundation

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

---- — The first family for Anderson High School basketball, if not for all AHS athletics, to me has always been the Lewis family.

When it came to quality basketball players, it is difficult to top Kendrick, Scott and Troy. Each was a different kind of player and each was a very good player. Rico also became one of the favorites of Wigwam crowds with his contributions to the pre-game festivities.

But what will stick with me just as long is that they were just as good or even better as people. I will always count myself fortunate to have seen them play and gotten to know them personally.

There's very little doubt that a huge influence on the people the Lewis boys blossomed into was their mother Julia. It was with great sadness that I this week learned of her passing.

Her contributions to this city went far beyond helping to populate it with outstanding sons. She had a big heart and extended it to those who needed it. She was always such a joyous and positive person each and every time I was fortunate enough to be in her company.

Having lost my own mother less than two months ago, I have some fresh memories of what the loss must be like for all of her family and friends.

Hopefully it won't be long before the memories of all the good moments will overwhelm the sadness of the loss. My heart goes out to her family as they make their way through this tragedy. I wish them nothing but the best in the future and am confident they will come out of it as strong or stronger than ever because that's the way Julia raised them.

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Last week I believed I was going to have a Sunday column. In that column I was going to tell about the Hoosier Legends series that Brian Hammons is doing for Fox Sports Indiana.

I was going to make a point of bringing it up then because Hammons' piece on Carl Erskine was airing for the first time on Monday at 5 p.m. Obviously this is too late to guide people to that show.

But there is one more replay of the 30-minute segment. That will come Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

I was pleased to be asked to speak on camera for that program. I can't see myself ever turning down an opportunity to say nice (and honest) things about Erskine.

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Even though the Indiana Pacers lost their second game of the season on Monday night to Portland, that was the best regular-season NBA game I have seen in many years. Indiana is an entertaining team to watch and one of which this basketball-crazy state can be quite proud.

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