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October 13, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Angela Cotton was special athlete, person

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

---- — This is a very sad way to open this week's column. This week Angela Cotton (Dearman) passed away.

I didn't really have the pleasure of knowing her personally, away from the basketball court where she had few rivals.

She was a major reason why the Anderson Indians reached the state finals in 1990. She went on to play in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star Game and then at Butler University.

Cotton was a gifted player on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor and yet neither of those things were her greatest strength. Where she excelled as well as anyone I can recall was as a teammate. Because she was such a versatile player, she was able to give her team exactly what it needed at any given time in the game.

Those who did know her off the court have given testimony that she was even a better person than she was a player. That is superior praise indeed.

My deepest sympathy goes out to family and friends. The depth of their loss must be astounding.

Someone who talked to me about her passing said that heaven just received a heck of a player for their team. If that's true, it is nice to know that she easily made that team for reasons far beyond athletic skills.

Angela, I will never forget your skills and your heart.

u u u

It is difficult to cover high school soccer this season without thinking about the Indy Eleven, the state's entry into the North American Soccer League next spring.

The team is closing in on 7,000 season tickets, a number that might have seemed a pipe dream a year ago. The team is getting involved to a very visible level in happenings around Indianapolis. It will be interesting to take in a few matches next year. I hope they leave seats open each match for people who want individual tickets. Those individual tickets are supposed to sell for $10 to $30 per contest.

I hope many people in this area will make the trip down to IUPU-I's Carroll Stadium to give this team your support.

It will seem a bit odd to not watch an Indianapolis Colts game on television today. But that also explains why you will not find an Indianapolis Colts page in this edition of THB. Look for it in Monday's edition. That's when the team goes to San Diego for its first national prime time game.

My prediction is that the Colts will win by nine, a score that will be something like 30-21.

This marks the first of Indy's prime time spree. After the Monday Night Game, then there's Sunday night next week against that ex-quarterback the Colts used to employ. then following a week off it will be another Sunday night game, this time at Houston.

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