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October 17, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Irsay was completely correct

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

---- — I am not always in agreement with the things that Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay says or tweets for that matter.

But what he said this week about what the Colts accomplished during Peyton Manning’s tenure in Indianapolis was absolutely accurate. Yet what he said wasn’t specifically directed at Manning, but try to tell that to the Denver Broncos or the national media’s group of illiterate writers.

Irsay said that the Colts should have won more than one Super Bowl during the years that Manning and the Indianapolis offense were putting up record-busting numbers. The furor that caused is both ridiculous and stupid on several counts.

First of all, it isn’t the first time he stated that position. Most recently he said it this past summer. Just because he said it again right before Denver comes to Indianapolis for a Sunday night game doesn’t make it a bigger deal or any less valid than when he said it in August.

The second reason this uproar over the comments is so ludicrous is because the national media who are jumping on Irsay now are the same ones who were saying the same thing while Manning was still an Indianapolis quarterback.

I guess selective amnesia is a common ailment among the national media. What was true then is just as true now, and Manning’s impending trip back to the stadium he helped build doesn’t change that.

Irsay wasn’t being disrespectful to the former Colts signal caller. He was answering a question as honestly as he could. More power to him for it.

Manning could have put this entire story to rest, and he blew it. He could have said, “He’s right. We should have won more than one Super Bowl.” Then that quote would have been the end of the story. All Manning could come up with was “no comment.”

I know where I stand on this entire Manning returning to Indy subject. I have always been a Colts fan first and a Manning fan after that. It is still true today. It pleases me when Manning plays well for the Broncos. For nearly every game he plays this season, I wish him well.

On Sunday, I hope he doesn’t complete a pass and gets sacked a few times.

On Sunday, I think it is fine for people to show up at Lucas Oil Stadium in Colts jerseys with the No. 18 and Manning’s name on the back. I think it is deplorable for residents of Indiana to show up in Denver jerseys with the No. 18 and Manning on the back.

The people who do that were never fans of the Colts. They were fans of Manning or even worse, fans of winning.

The best news of all is that in three days, the game will be played and all of this stupidity will end.

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