The Herald Bulletin

November 7, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Athlete of the Year changing

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

---- — As the fall high school season wraps up, it is once again time to consider which of the competitors we will name Athlete of the Year in each fall sport.

To that end, we have earlier in the week sent out an email to each school’s athletic director in our area asking them to pass on this request to each of the fall coaches. We have asked those coaches to email to us nominations for Athlete of the Year.

We will take those nominations and select one athlete for the honor. Many of the other nominees will make our honor roll for each sport.

We trust that most if not all of the ADs have already passed the request on to the coaches. We have gotten several nominations back to us already. I do encourage all parents and family members who had athletes with great fall seasons, to contact the coach and/or AD to make sure nominations have been sent.

I am not saying that no athlete will make the honor roll if the coach doesn’t nominate him or her, but the chances of an athlete not being passed over increases if the coach doesn’t nominate.

Here’s hoping we get some tremendous participation from the coaches and a good representation of athletes on our honor roll.


Much of this week’s NFL news has been centered on the despicable activity going on around the Miami Dolphins football team.

Even though the mindless bullying from Richie Incognito that was directed at Jonathan Martin is mostly a black eye for the entire Dolphins organization, it is also a bad thing for the entire league.

Incognito’s stupid diatribe against Martin was disgusting and senseless. But right now the Dolphins’ players, at least most of them, are backing Incognito. That comes despite the fact that there is no defense for him and what he did.

It isn’t unusual for the macho mentality to take over football players who ought to know better. But there is no excuse for Incognito’s behavior and even less reason for his teammates to stand behind him.

The fact that the players on the Dolphins voted to put Incognito on the team’s leadership council indicates a huge gap between common sense and the Dolphins.

So when Martin had problems with Incognito, the leadership council wasn’t an option for him to go for relief. Some players might have solved the issue by confronting Incognito directly, but Martin can’t be criticized for not taking that route.

If Incognito was acting on team orders, then many of the Dolphins’ management should face the same fate as Incognito, who is indefinitely suspended.

There is no place in the NFL for the kind of bigotry and meanness displayed by Incognito toward his teammate. There is also no place in the league for a team that condones his behavior. I hope this mess is cleaned up soon so the focus can be on football again and not this other foolishness.

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