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November 28, 2013

Rick Teverbaugh: Many thanks for many people

The Herald Bulletin

---- — In this world I am much more thankful for people than I am for things.

Many of the people who I am thankful to have in my life are personal and not really of interest to most who read this column. Suffice to say there are many of them and I hope that most if not all of them already know who they are without being named here.

For my perspective as sports editor, I have many wishes. I wish I had more writers, more space, later deadlines and more cooperation from high school coaches and athletic directors. But this holiday isn’t Wishgiving, so I am not going to dwell upon those desires either.

But, again from my perspective in this job, there are people that I am truly thankful to have and you as readers should be equally thankful that they serve you and this newspaper.

First on that list is George Bremer, who is my only full-time partner in the sports department. I am not sure I would have remained at this post when the department went from three to two if he hadn’t been the other person here.

He is a tireless worker who generally gets even more out of his 40 hours each week than I think is really possible. But he is much more than a byline producer.

He is a purveyor of story ideas and a great communicator. His stories are equal parts information and entertainment. He can cover a wide variety of topics and doesn’t complain about assignments, even those that wouldn’t be his first choice if he were making them himself.

George is also a fine sounding board for my ideas and opinions. His input often makes my ideas more focused or better defined.

Finally he has also turned into one of the foremost experts on the Indianapolis Colts in the entire state. His opinions and insights are anxiously sought as is evidenced by the number of people who follow him on Twitter.

But the department can’t function with George and I alone. We need more help. That’s where our correspondents are so invaluable.

At present time, we have four such people, though I would love to have a few more. They are Justin Bates, Travis Whitton, Bill Cross and Jason Haddix.

They are often asked to cover athletic contests that aren’t the ones that are the highest in reader interest, as often those games and events are attended by George and I. But they are still of enough interest to me and the readers to merit using a writer.

This section would be much less complete without their willingness to go out and do this work, more often for the love of the sports and of this work than for the money paid out for that work. They are vital to their survival.

Many thanks to all who help me in this labor of love and to all who read it. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Sports Editor Rick Teverbaugh can be reached at: or at (765) 640-4886.