Police arrested three people late Tuesday night on suspicion of attempting to sell methamphetamine.

According to Elwood police Detective Scott Bertram, police received information about a meth lab in the 1600 block of South B Street about 10 p.m.

Officers found a vehicle parked behind a vacant apartment building. Bertram said the “timing was perfect,” as James Deckard, 48; Tina Dennis, 46; and Jerry Deckard, 46, were exiting the building as police were approaching.

The three were accompanied by a fourth individual, who was not charged in the incident.

Detective Jason Brizendine ordered them to show their hands, at which time James dropped a 32-ounce cooking vessel. Bertram said it was a “stupid” move because meth labs are explosive environments.

After securing the vessel, officers searched the suspects. Coffee filters, which later tested positive for containing meth, were also found, Bertram said.

Bertram said the suspects did not implicate each other during interviews.

“We didn’t really need that. Everything was right there in front of us,” Bertram said.

The three were transported to the Madison County Jail and held on $20,000 bonds.

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