Marriage license applications

March 7-April 10, 2008

Jason R. Burns, 22, Anderson, and Stacey N. Blackmond, 21, Pendleton

Adam R. Elrod, 24, Pendleton, and Taylor M. Messick, 35, Pendleton

Steven C. Fields, 30, Anderson, and Leah D. Whitesel, 24, Markleville

Daryl W. Goodwin, 40, Pendleton, and Kathie J. Cunningham, 38, Pendleton

Rick L. Heider, 64, Anderson, and Martha S. Grubb, 61, Pendleton

Brandon T. Dillinger, 24, Greenfield, and Sally M. Hascall, 23, Ingalls

Kristopher K. Hunt, 25, Macomb, Ill., and Melissa D. Emond, 22, Pendleton

Timothy R. Purkey, 33, Pendleton, and Jayme L. Boucher, 31, Pendleton

Barry J. O’Connor, 65, Anderson, and Cathy A. O’Connor, 56, Pendleton

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