Residents of scenic northern Indiana town where New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner spent many of his summers are mourning the death of the Yankees boss.

Steinbrenner, who died Tuesday at age 80, owned a condo on Lake Maxinkuckee in the town of Culver that he knew well. In the 1940s, Steinbrenner attended Culver Academies, a private prep school in the town about 30 miles south of South Bend from which he graduated in 1948.

His four children also went to Culver, as did four of his five grandchildren. And he made several donations to the school, which named its performing arts center after him.

Corndance Cafe owner George Pesek hosted several Culver graduation celebrations for Steinbrenner's grandchildren over the years. He says he's heartbroken by Steinbrenner's death.

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