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Heart of Sports Award: Emma Fox

Fox is Panthers' team mom

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Hometown Heroes: 'Team mom' takes pride in the Panthers

Emma Fox, left, and Elwood varsity volleyball coach Lindsay Durm share a laugh before the Panthers' recent match against Blackford.

One term kept coming up in submissions from Elwood coaches, players and fans supporting Emma Fox for the Heart of Sports Award: Mom.

It’s one thing to drive the team bus from town to town throughout multiple seasons. That’s an often thankless job unto itself.

But Fox goes the extra mile. And that’s why she’s been named the 2019 THB Sports Awards Heart of Sports Award winner.

She bakes homemade cookies for the Panthers and has them ready when the teams board for the return trip home. She’s also known to hand out candy for a little extra pick-me-up during practices and games or simply to provide a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear to listen to whatever an athlete needs.

Fox serves many roles in the Elwood athletic department including volunteer assistant coach and scorekeeper. But her most common title seems to be team mother.

She’s the pulse of whatever team she’s serving at a given time, helping the coaches remember things like first-aid kits and extra uniforms all while tending to everyone’s individual needs.

Need some Tylenol or extra athletic tape? Ask Fox.

She has a bag of supplies at the ready for each event, and much of what it contains was paid for out of her own pocket.

“We are very fortunate to have Emma as part of our coaching staff and wish we had more Emmas in the world,” head softball coach JR Reese wrote in a nominee submission.

It was a sentiment repeated again and again by players and parents alike.

On top of everything else Fox does for the Panthers, she’s also their loudest fan.

She doesn’t ask for anything in return for all the help she provides to her teams.

“She loves the Lady Panthers,” athletic director Marty Wells wrote.

And it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

THB sports editor George Bremer has covered the Indianapolis Colts since 2010. He occasionally sports a beard that can rival Andrew Luck's, but he lacks arm strength and durability.

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