ALEXANDRIA — Key’s Kanine Kountry Klub was a preferred source of care for the furry canine friends of Madison County in 2021, winning the title of Best Pet Boarder.

Since opening her business in September 2014, Anita KeyBrobst has channeled her passion for animals into providing a comfortable and convenient location for dog owners to board their animals. Amid the pandemic, she invited essential workers to bring their dogs to the facility for day care.

While KeyBrobst prefers to own small dogs, she does not discriminate when boarding. She really just enjoys loving on any dog that trots through the door and giving them unique treatment.

“When a pet is boarded they get to bring their own things because we want them to feel like they are at home,” KeyBrobst explained. “The bedrooms they use are constructed out of wood. Each of them is movable and lined with metal for easy sterilization.”

The bedrooms are made comfortable for the dog, but they spend most of the day playing and getting love from the eight-person staff. KeyBrobst is proud of the way her staff works as a team and provides the best care for the guests.

One customer, Sharon Spreen, has been sending her dogs, Abbie and Belle, to Key’s Kanine Kountry Klub three or four times a week for playtime and day care since it opened.

“When my dogs are boarded they get to stay in the same suite so they can snuggle and be sisters,” Spreen said. “Every time I drop off my dogs they run right in and are happy to go. I would not hesitate to recommend Key’s Kanine Kountry Klub to any dog owner.”

Spreen also had good reviews for the grooming services offered by Key’s.

Key’s Kanine Kountry Klub is located along Indiana 9 and Indiana 128 just south of Alexandria. It’s open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. People are not required to make an appointment or call before bringing in their dogs.

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