ANDERSON — While the pandemic brought many heroes to the front lines, plumbers were saving the day long before the toilet paper shortage.

Munson’s Water Works of Madison County, located west of Edgewood along Indiana 32, has been arriving on the scene of local disasters for nearly three decades.

Owner Phil Munson was voted best plumber in Madison County in 2021.

When Munson first began work as a plumber he had minimal experience, but over the last 25 years he has become an expert. Nineteen of those years were spent building his own plumbing business.

Starting with just himself and a vision, Munson now employs seven people, including his wife.

“Our business isn’t really a small business any more, but we run it like a small business,” he said. “It is really important for us to treat the people in our business like a family because we are working to support our families.”

Munson believes honesty and integrity set his business apart from others.

His customers can attest to these practices. Kelle Humphries has witnessed the Munson touch firsthand since moving her business to a new location two years ago.

“I own a business on the north side of Anderson that has an interesting plumbing situation,” she explained. “Phil and his team always tell me exactly what is going on to make sure I understand what will be done.

“Recently, I walked into my office with an inch of water on the ground. I called immediately, and they had it fixed by noon.”

Humphries has been impressed by the courtesy, honesty and expertise shown by Munson employees.

Munson is passionate about supporting future plumbers. As an advocate of licensing plumbers, he teaches a class at the Associated Builders and Contractors training center in Muncie.

He figures if he preaches how companies should have licensed professionals, then he can use his experience to educate and give back to future plumbers.

“Everyone needs a plumber!” Munson said. “You can be good at what you do and hold your head up high. You can walk down the street and be proud of what you do for the community. It gives you a sense of value and purpose.”

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