LAPEL – IOSHA fined the Owens Illinois bottling plant $13,500 for three serious safety violations inspectors found in August.

The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited three safety violations, each of which could have caused serious injury to workers, including improper training and failing to lock out an electronic box while it was being repaired, according to the administration.

The first violation charges “procedures were not developed, documented and utilized for the control of potentially hazardous energy,” involving a locked out Owens Illinois inspection machine during maintenance.

Following in the same vein, the second reads “the employer did not provide adequate training to ensure that the purpose and function of the energy program was understood by employees.”

The final charges there were unused openings in electrical boxes, raceways and other electronic equipment which was not closed to “afford protection” for employees and the equipment.

All of the violations were deemed serious and carry a fine of $4,500 each.

Several calls for comment to Owens Illinois were not returned.