Births at area hospitals include:


  • A boy to Eric and Regina Martin, Elwood, Jan. 7.
  • A girl to Barry and Clorissa England, Frankton, Jan. 11.
  • A boy to Natasha McAdams and Corey Chesnut, Anderson, Jan. 11.
  • A boy to Brooklyn Myers and Garyglen Phillips, Muncie, Jan. 19.
  • A girl to Kaley Ann Wollard and Nicholas Shaff, Anderson, Jan. 19.
  • A boy to Taylor Jo Plough and Kyle Thomas O’Bryant, Anderson, Jan. 23.
  • A boy to Ashley Baker and Chris Anderson, Anderson, Jan. 22.
  • A boy to Laci Montague and Nathan Malone, Anderson, Jan. 23.
  • A boy to L. Douglas and Lisa Martin, Pendleton, Jan. 23.
  • A boy to Beau and Sara Engle, Fairmount, Jan. 25.
  • A boy to Kelly Martin and Adam Marlette, Anderson, Jan. 25.
  • A boy to Tiffany Jent and Jacob Phipps, Anderson, Jan. 25.


  • A girl to Ashley Jenee Howey and Joseph Lee Whitehouse, Indianapolis, Jan. 16.
  • A boy to Shane Jonathan a u nd Ashley Autumn Harless, Pendleton, Jan. 16.
  • A girl to John Edward and Melissa Lynn Taylor, Anderson, Jan. 17.
  • A girl to Daniel Lee and Kellie Lynn Knotts, Alexandria, Jan. 18.
  • A boy to Linsey Catherine Carwile and Johnathon James Young, Anderson, Jan. 18.
  • A boy to Bethany Rose Lemon and Thomas Lee Welker, Anderson, Jan. 19.
  • A girl to Trevor Ryan and Ashley Yvonne Dailey, Anderson, Jan. 20.


  • A boy to Zach and Melody Fuqua, Lapel, Jan. 14.


  • A boy to Lindsay Brown and Janna Weatherly-Brown, Anderson, Jan. 16.

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