Births at area hospitals include: 


A boy to Angela Williams, Anderson, Jan. 6. 

A boy to Kacie Helpling, Anderson, Jan. 7. 

A girl to Mikelia Wills, Anderson, Jan. 7. 

A boy to Jason and Danielle Olney, Pendleton, Jan. 7. 

A boy to Thomas and Danylle Petty, Elwood, Jan. 8. 

A girl to Josh and Sarah Shaffer, Albany, Jan. 8. 

A boy to Tiffany Hudson and Terrence Ross, Anderson, Jan. 9. 

A boy to Lara Spangler and Bryce Loughman, Anderson, Jan. 10. 

A girl to Deana Huff and Justin Staton, Elwood, Jan. 12.

A boy to Kate Franklin and Alex Bergdoll, Anderson, Jan. 12. 

A girl to Jennifer Richards and Kyle Parks, Gaston, Jan. 13. 

A girl to Jessie Call and Zachary Ash, Elwood, Jan. 13. 


A boy to Hannah Owen and Michael Rigney, Alexandria, Jan. 5

A girl to Danielle Martin, Anderson, Dec. 31.

A boy to Jason and Megan Smith, Anderson, Jan. 4.

A girl to Amanda Sue-Deming Lipford and Dennis Morris, Anderson, Jan. 5.

A girl to Bianca Sheets and James Lockridge, Anderson, Jan. 6.

A boy to Amanda Brown, Anderson, Jan. 10.

A girl to Tonya Edwards and Joshua Cooper, Anderson, Jan. 10.

A girl to Jennifer Ann Wilson and Nicholas Meredith, Fairmount, Jan. 8.

A boy to Bethany Ann Stansberry and John Miller, Kokomo, Jan. 5.

A boy to Hawaii Ryder and Justin Peek, Marion, Jan. 10.


A girl to Ashleigh Sexton and Jacob Roseberry, Ingalls, Jan. 6. 

 A girl to Jeremy and Stephanee Johnson, Middletown, Jan. 7.

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