Wreaths are popular décor for front doors, but they don’t have to be reserved just for outside use. Our homes often contain everything we need to design a focal point reflecting our unique personalities.

Are there piles of unwanted books around your house? Time to repurpose them into unexpected wall art. Sometimes people struggle with dismantling a book. If that is you, the library book sale can get you started, along with thrift stores or friend’s garage sale boxes. Choose generic topics or volumes that are already falling apart. Those are often headed for the trash, so upcycling gives them a new purpose.

Creating a wreath out of paper is a simple project, perfect for a beginner, yet elegant enough to look like it was crafted by a pro! This project can be mastered by the uber –artsy, as well as those who don’t feel confident trying paper projects. It’s also a good activity for kids old enough to handle the glue gun safely.

For years I have collected vintage sheet music. The nostalgia of the songs was something hard to pass up. However, I don’t play any instruments! The stack of unplayed songs grew ever higher. A music themed wreath was a perfect way to celebrate the memory of old songs, while giving new life to the aging paper.

Consider this as an intimate gift for someone. For a musician, use sheet music or pages from an old hymnal. For the book lover, perhaps use their favorite novel. For a child’s room, use bright and colorful retro pages. For a kitchen enthusiast, pages full of recipes would be a fun way to celebrate their passion. Our wreath is about 24 inches across, because we chose to not cut down the sheet music. You can make yours any size you prefer, by simply rolling the paper tubes tighter or using smaller sheets.

This project really is for everyone, and can be virtually free. Before buying anything, start looking through what you have. DIY projects are even more fun when they are affordable. This design is perfect for the pocketbook, because there are TONS of old books just falling apart at the seams, waiting to be transformed.


• Hot glue gun and plenty of extra glue sticks. This project uses lots of adhesive

• Sturdy piece of cardboard (it won’t be visible, so patterns are fine)

• Sharp craft knife, like an X-acto

• Ribbon or strong twine (any piece will do if it is thick, it will not be visible)

• Scissors

• Pile of paper pages


1. Cut a circle out of the thick cardboard for a base. For our large wreath, we traced a plate for the outer circle and a water glass for the inner circle. Use what you have to determine the size that fits your space. Remember, it is important to use very sturdy cardboard, as a flimsy piece will not hold the weight of the papers. A thin piece of wood would work well also.

2. Roll the paper into tubes. Play with this a bit before gluing. Roll one corner towards the center, forming a cone. The goal is to have one end form a tight “point” and the other end to be slightly flared. They will look similar to an ice cream cone.

3. Glue cones to the base. Space them out evenly when gluing down the first level. They don’t have to be measured, or perfectly spaced. The points need to be narrow side facing center, but still leaving an open space in the middle.

4. Fill in the rest of the rows. Just roll and glue from this point on. The amount of rows will be a personal preference.

5. Add the hanger. Use any strong ribbon and hot glue a simple folded loop onto the back of the cardboard. Use plenty of hot glue and let it dry thoroughly before hanging.

Christa Sterken is an Anderson resident who is passionate about finding a beautiful life in the midst of the ordinary. She enjoys photography, creating art, and decorating. She also writes a blog, entitled "A Candid Take on Life" at www.christasterken.com.

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