The Academy for Character Education at Ebbertt Education Center would like to recognize these students for excellence in the following subjects during the second six weeks.

Algebra: Kawon Broadnax, Will Casey, Stacie Dahmer, Mario Dimas, Caitlyn Downey, David Hudson, Br yon Perry, Lonnita Short, and Paris Siler

Business Math: Brittney Bell, Kaylee Bohrer, China Dickerson, Joe Gee, Koren Gibbs, Jake Hillard, Kaitlyn Lenz-Cummings, Brittney McCrocklin, Br yon Perry, and Glen Stutzman

Geometry: Jennifer Barker, Kailey Kent, Glen Stutzman, and Ben Wade

Math Lab: Stacie Dahmer and Devon Detling

Biology: William Casey, Brittney McCrocklin, and Olissa Oonjai

Earth Science: Jessica Brown, Ranisha Dillard, Cody Dixon, Koren Gibbs, Brittany Kelley, Kailey Kent, James Killian, Br yon Perry, Kierra Truax, Jordan Weaver, and Zack Weston

Life Science: Stacie Dahmer and Troi Shay Milhouse

Health: Desirae Arnold

Physical Science: Kaitlin Lenz-Cummings

Most Improved Options Science: Morris Wilson

English 9: Devon Detling, Phil Hunter, Jeff Myers, and Olissa Oonjai

English 10: Stacie Dahmer, Caitlyn Downey, Koren Gibbs, Olissa Oonjai, and Br'yon Perry

English 11: Brittney Bell, Jessi Brown, David Hudson, James Killian, and Kaitlin Lenz-Cummings

English 12: Chelsie Carr

Creative Writing: Stacie Dahmer, Koren Gibbs, Kailey Kent

Language Arts Lab: Br yon Perry

Current Events: Jessica Brown, William Casey, Cecilia Davis, David Hudson, and Kierra Truax.

Options Social Studies: Brittney Bell, Jessi Brown, Jake Hillard, Brittney McCrocklin, Glen Stutzman, and Ben Wade. Most Improved: Devan Stephenson

Geography: Daniel Avalos, Mario Dimas, Mason Harshman, Amanda Rooks, and Chalee Wilson

US History: Koren Gibbs and Markala House

Digital Communication Tools: Desirae Arnold, Devon Detling, Philip Hunter, Kailey Kent, Kelsie Shewmaker, and Paris Siler

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