George Smith

George Smith will host the George Smith Traditional Christmas show Nov. 19 at The Paramount Theatre.

ANDERSON — An annual Madison County tradition returns Nov. 19 when The Paramount Theatre’s resident organist George Smith takes the stage to host the 10th Annual George Smith & Friends Christmas Concert.

Smith, the Paramount’s resident organist, who has been playing since age 14, will host the event.

Smith and his wife, Norma, started producing the Christmas show at the Paramount, though he has hosted traditional organ shows since 2000.

The show features different musical artists and their talents.

“There’s so many professional people, even now, in Madison County,” Smith said. “I had a student, I started him when he was 14. I can’t really say I taught him because he was so talented.

“I taught him for a year or year and a half, and he went on to Nashville.”

The show starts at 7 p.m., and there will be three other performers in addition to Smith.

Dr. Jamie Boe, the veterinarian, is Smith’s niece and former Miss Indiana contestant.

Also performing is Kurt Stickradt, a blind pianist.

“He’s been one of Norma’s students for about 14 years,” Smith said. “He loves to be on stage or loves to play at church.”

Last is Dave King, a vocalist. According to Smith, he is well-known in Madison County.

Smith will be playing the newly refurbished Paramount Grand Page Organ.

“It’s the original 1929 Grand Page Theatre organ made in Ohio.

“There were only about 400 made, and there’s only three left in theaters, that I know of, in the United States.”

Workers are currently installing a lift, which will allow the organ to be stored under the stage and then hoisted up for performances.

Smith plans on fulfilling his 32-year dream of rising from below onto the stage with the organ at the Christmas show.

There will be a 15-minute intermission between segments.

Both donations made during intermission and money from ticket sales will help with the upkeep of the organ and the Paramount’s building.

After the second segment, Dave King will lead the audience in singalongs, which will include some Christmas hymns.

Tickets may be purchased at:

  • the Paramount Theatre box office, 1124 Meridian St.
  • George Smith’s Music Center, 2030 Raible Ave.

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