Births at area hospitals include:


  • A boy to Allan and Cynthia Perry, Anderson, May 15
  • A boy to Thomas and Brenda Williams. Pendleton, May 15.
  • A boy to Hannah Hirtzel and Joshua Bellamy, Anderson, May 16.
  • A boy to Danielle Borgmann and Andrew Poucher, Anderson, May 17.
  • A to boy Kyle and Mary Jaracz, Pendleton, May 17.
  • A boy to Charity Brewer and Ryan Rees, Anderson, May 18.
  • A boy to Bianca Sheets and James Lockridge, Anderson, May 21.
  • A girl to Trent and Ellie Brooks, Anderson, May 22.


  • A girl to Kimberly and James Pitts, Anderson, May 23.
  • A boy to Jessica and Nick McCormick, Summitville, May 23.
  • A boy to Mehgan and Kevin Baird, Anderson, May 23.
  • A boy to Lisha Symon and Cedric Turner, Anderson, May 24.
  • A boy to Emily and Steven Thornburg, Anderson, May 25.
  • A boy to Kristina and Timothy Jones, Anderson, May 25.
  • A girl to Nidia Buitrago and Jose Navas, Muncie, May 25.
  • A girl to Sharilyn and Rondal Vehikite, Elwood, May 26.
  • A girl to Destini Dudley and Harley Perkins, Elwood, May 26.
  • A girl to Leslie Bertram and Dave Shaffer, Springport, May 27.
  • A girl to Jazmin Esquivel, Anderson, May 28.
  • A boy to Renee Davis, Anderson, May 28.
  • A girl to Monica and Brian Campbell, Pendleton, May 29.
  • A boy to Jacqui Atkinson, Anderson, May 29.
  • A boy to Kylie and Darren Dyer, Anderson, May 29.
  • A girl to Jessica and Zachary Kendall, Anderson, May 30.
  • A boy to Lacey Boner and Shawn Dietzer, Alexandria, May 30.
  • A boy to Drewcilla Gourley and Prince Tate, Anderson, May 30.

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