Party: Republican

Age: 65

Family: Wife, Teresa; children, Robert Jason Alexander and Angela K Remter; 14 grandchildren

Occupation: Real Estate Investment Company, consultant for Elwood Redevelopment Commission and part-time pastor.

Political Experience: Elected Union Township assessor (2002-2006), official staff member and political director for (then) Congressman Mike Pence (2001-2007), appointed by Gov. Mitch Daniels and Gov. Mike Pence to the Indiana Faith Based Advisory Council (2005-2014). Consultant for the City of Elwood Redevelopment Commission (2012-Present)

Goals: Be a voice for responsible government while maintaining infrastructure improvements and Government services. Encourage investment in the needs of the future generation by advocating for educational and occupational opportunities for young people. Support a more equitable distribution of our county resources to all of the communities in the county. I

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