Party: Democrat

Age: 55

Family: Married to Marc for 32+ years; daughters, Tabitha Humphries, Kassie O’Driscoll and their families.

Occupation: Owner of Adamas Healthcare Consulting, Credentialing and Billing, LLC, and co-owner of Coconut Express.

Political Experience: I have not held public office but have served in leadership positions for several community and 501c3 organizations. I have learned throughout my career the importance of listening to and representing those around you in a sensible and impartial manner, while using a common sense approach to identify solutions.

Goals: Identify funding options for county infrastructure and repairs and utilize current reserves for public safety funding. Identify and implement effective programs for treatment of mental health and addictions issues. Work with civic leaders, public safety and county citizens to ensure people of all ages, handicaps and social needs are heard.

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