Party: Libertarian

Age: 53

Family: Traditional

Occupation: Contractor Business owner, Leak-Stopper Roofing/ Home Improvements/ Insurance Restoration

Political Experience: I've been a leading 3rd party vote getter in many previous elections. Every campaign has always been self funded out of my own pocket. I'm Indiana University educated in Finance, Management and Economics. I sincerely care about my community, and want to see all people achieve prosperity.

Political Affiliation: Independent Libertarian

Goals: We need to streamline Indiana legal code, reducing the number of laws, making them more clear, concise, and easier to understand. We need Constitutional Amendments stopping republicans and democrats from irresponsibly misspending our Gas and Sales Tax money collected for infrastructure and childhood education, then using it for other purposes. We need to significantly reduce addiction and related crime by taking money out of drugs through decriminalization. We need increasing job growth, and income opportunity.