ANDERSON ¯ As one of 15 Republicans seeking the party’s nomination for the 5th Congressional District, Chuck Dietzen voiced concerns about the growing national debt.

“There is a lot of frivolous spending on the military, health care and education,” he said.

A native of Kokomo, Dietzen is a medical doctor and is running for elective office for the first time.

“People encouraged me to run for office,” he said of the decision to seek the GOP nomination following the announcement that incumbent Republican Susan Brooks wouldn’t seek re-election.

“I’m a constitutional conservative,” Dietzen said. “I’m to the right (more conservative) than Brooks.”

Dietzen took part last week in a video conference organized by the Madison County Tea Party.

He said as a result of the coronavirus pandemic the country has added $7 trillion to the national debt.

“We’re not done spending yet,” Dietzen said. “The waste is incredible. We have no money to spend.”

Dietzen said the government should invest more financial resources in healthy living which would lower the need and cost of health care.

“We spend trillions on health care,” he said.

Dietzen said some ways to reduce federal spending are to stop funding education and leave it up to states and local units of government, cut back on military spending in foreign countries and to stop the $600 increase to unemployment benefits for people not to work.

Dietzen said his life experience is what separates him from the remainder of the primary field.

“It’s how you apply that knowledge,” he said. “It’s not what I will do, but what I have done.”

Dietzen said his campaign staff is working through the pandemic.

According to Newsweek, the Dietzen campaign received a cease-and-desist letter from a Florida attorney to stop using an image of Mother Teresa in a campaign video.

Mother Teresa didn’t want her image used for political purposes, the Missionaries of Charity said in a statement.

Dietzen worked at Mother Teresa’s orphanage once during a visit in the 1990s.

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