ANDERSON — Of the 15 Republicans seeking the party’s nomination in the 5th Congressional District, attorney Mark Small is unlike the rest.

Small took part in an internet meeting with the Madison County Tea Party on Friday and clearly outlined positions that were drastically different than his opponents.

While most of the other Republicans seeking to replace incumbent Susan Brooks, who is not seeking reelection, are supportive of President Donald Trump, Small said he is not supportive of the policies.

“Donald Trump is incompetent and corrupt,” Small said. “The Republican Party has abandoned its conservative principles.”

He said the framers of the U.S. Constitution probably regretted not including term limits on federal elected officials.

“It should be the people’s choice,” Small said of electing members of Congress. “But both major political parties have gerrymandered the districts so there is no choice.

“People have rights, but government has the power,” he said. “We need to redistrict in a way that elections are competitive.”

Small said if he’s elected to the U.S. House he would not support increased military spending.

“We’re bankrupting ourselves by spending on the military,” he said. “We should cut our military budget and spend the money on improving the infrastructure in the rural areas of the country.”

Concerning the $2 trillion in spending approved because of the coronavirus pandemic, Small said the money is being provided with “no strings attached” or oversight.

“We have to track how the funds are being spent better,” he said.

Small said the conservative faction has to take the Republican Party back to its core principles.

“If I can get 18% to 20% of the vote in the primary I could win the nomination,” he said. “There are a lot of people that stay home and not voting. If I can get those people to vote I can be the nominee.”

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