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After getting out of the ravines of the Big Pine Creek area Harrison’s army made rapid progress to Prophetstown where some Indians appeared. But when they acted rather hostile Harrison did not send one of his scouts, Toussaint Dubois, into the town because he wanted to see what the Indians next move would be.

From time to time it is helpful to think hard about Indiana’s manufacturing economy — what’s been happening to it, where it is going and what the future may hold. This is an election year, which brings with it a series of sordid untruths that need to be rectified. Moreover, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic holds a long-term prognosis for factory production and employment in Indiana.

After winning approval from Vigo residents in last year’s fall election, leadership of the proposed Rocksino worked in 2020 to curry that same favor with the Indiana Gaming Commission. All it had to do to secure that support is undergo an investigation that grew out of a federal court case, make ownership changes as a result of that investigation and convince the gaming commission the ownership and management changes were sufficient to address its concerns.

Development of Terre Haute's east side will have an impact on Terre Haute Regional Airport. Since November, airport officials have been working with Indianapolis airport consultant Monica Newhouse-Rodriguez, managing principal of Newhouse and Associates, on a new "Airport Gateway Strategic Plan."

The past several months have been a time of great uncertainty for higher education, both in terms of enrollment and revenue. And while the challenges have been many, Terre Haute's four colleges and universities have risen to the occasion and made changes that will benefit them, and students, moving forward.

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