4 Tips for Eating Well out of Your Freezer. Many people are stocking up on freezer items while self-isolating in an effort to reduce trips to the grocery store. These tips, provided by nutritionists via INSIDER, will help you to get the most out of your frozen food. 1. Organize and date the items in your freezer. You tend to take what you see first. Put newer dates in the back and older things in the front, you'll remember to eat things before they go bad, Registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam. 2. Pre-make and freeze baked goods, chili, soups and sauces. Right now the healthiest thing to do is stay inside and wash your hands, not eat more greens. Give yourself permission to eat whatever is comforting, satisfying and accessible to you right now, Registered dietitian Rachael Hartley. 3. Freeze fresh items. There are so many fresh foods that have a long life in the freezer. If you think about all the things you'd find in the frozen food aisle, you can buy all those things fresh and freeze them yourself, Registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam. 4. Food textures may change in the freezer, but the food is still edible. People throw food away if they have freezer burn, but it's nothing dangerous. It can affect texture and color, but it's usually fine to eat, Registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam. If it smells fine and tastes fine, nothing to worry about. When it's bad, you will smell it for sure, Registered dietitian Kajsa Ernestam