6 Tips for Talking About the Coronavirus With Your Kids. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and your children have many questions. Here are six tips from experts at the Child Mind Institute to help you talk with your child about the coronavirus. 1. Don’t be afraid to talk about the coronavirus with your kids, as they’ll likely hear plenty of information on their own. Receiving fact-based information from their parent will likely be much more reassuring then whatever their friends are telling them. 2. Rather than overwhelming them with information, let your children ask you what they want to know. Answer honestly and clearly, but use their age and maturity level to determine how much information is too much. 3. Encourage your child to be open about the feelings and fears they may be having because of the coronavirus. Your goal is to keep them informed, but not unnecessarily panicked. 4. Calm yourself down and deal with your own anxiety before talking to your kids. If you’re feeling panicked, it is not the right time to talk to your kids, as you’ll cause them to feel it too. 5. Keep your family rooted in routines and predictability to distract them from the uncertainty being caused by COVID-19. This is especially important since schools and daycares have been shutdown throughout the world. 6. Emphasize the ways in which you and your child can stay safe. This will help them feel empowered. If they know the specific things they can do to keep themselves safe, they’re more likely to execute them on their own