Dyson Designs New Ventilator to Help Treat COVID-19 Patients. James Dyson, billionaire founder of the well-known vacuum manufacturer, Dyson, recently confirmed the creation of an entirely new ventilator. Dubbed the “CoVent,” Dyson designed the ventilator in just 10 days after being asked by U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get involved. Healthcare workers across the U.K. and the world are currently facing a shortage of ventilators amid an influx of COVID-19 patients. According to Dyson, the “CoVent” will “address the specific needs” of coronavirus patients. The machines are also designed to be made “quickly, efficiently and at volume,” which is vital to a “meaningful and timely response” to the pandemic. A spokesperson for the company said ventilators would be ready by early April, but a specific date was not provided. The first 10,000 units will go to the U.K.’s National Health Service, with an additional 5,000 ventilators to be donated to international efforts