6 Handwashing Mistakes That Help Coronavirus Spread . As the deadly coronavirus outbreak spreads, you must take measures to protect yourself. . Avoid these 6 handwashing errors to prevent spreading the virus. . 1. Using soap first, Always wet your hands first, as the moisture creates a better lather to fight contaminants. 2. Scrubbing in a rush, Mayo Clinic recommends at least 20 seconds lathering your hands. 3. Not drying, Germs can be transferred more easily to and from wet hands. 4. Not washing enough, Wash your hands after all contact with contaminants, not just after restroom visits. 5. Not using soap, Soap lifts microbes from your skin and washes them away. 6. Not rinsing, Soap attracts microbes. If you don't rinse them away, they'll stay on your hands