Help Researchers With The COVID Symptom Tracker App. Massachusetts General Hospital's Dr. Andrew T. Chan is a lead researcher on the app. which takes seconds to complete and is being encouraged to be used daily. The physician-epidemiologist explains that the app will help determine "hot spots" or new symptoms. According to Lifehacker, COVID Symptom Tracker asks you two simple questions:. 1. Have you taken a coronavirus test before?. 2. Are you currently feeling healthy or experiencing symptoms?. You will also provide some demographic information. Giving your name or number is optional. This may be a better way to find out where hot spots of spread are, new symptoms to look out for ... , Dr. Andrew T. Chan, via Lifehacker. and use as a planning tool to target quarantines, send ventilators and medical equipment and provide real-time data to plan for future outbreaks, Dr. Andrew T. Chan, via Lifehacker