How to Celebrate Easter and Passover During a Pandemic. With stay-at-home orders in place, families are coming up with alternative ways to observe Easter and Passover. The ultimate goal is to be able to share in celebration of the spring holidays with loved ones, even when apart. Some families still plan to gather with extended family, as usual, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Officials have cautioned against this as unwise and have asked people to make use of alternative celebrations this year. Many churches will stream online, virtual services on Easter Sunday. . The use of video conferencing will also be helpful in connecting with friends and family who are far away. Other ideas include dressing up to take family portraits, and having a virtual Easter egg hunt. Families can also gather via video call platforms for a virtual Passover Seder dinner. Loved ones can still tell stories, sing songs and spend time with each other. And for those who are alone for Passover, some people are dropping off Seder boxes at others' doors, so they're not left behind