Scientists Have Figured out How to Grow Food on Mars A group of researchers from Harvard, Edinburgh and California believe they may have engineered a way to support photosynthetic life on Mars. They have created aerogel sheets that could transform the planet’s cold, arid surface into land able to sustain vegetative life. The sheets mimics the greenhouse effect found on Earth by trapping energy from the sun and melting enough subsurface ice to allow plants to survive. It is made up of 97% air, and 2-3cm of these sheets is enough to block harmful UV rays and only allow visible light through for photosynthesis. Researchers, via ‘Nature Astronomy’ Although others factors still need to be addressed, such as the toxic chemicals and radiation present in the planet’s soil, researcher Robin Wordsworth believes their aerogel sheets are the future of transforming Mars into a fertile oasis. Robin Wordsworth, via The Guardian