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ANDERSON — An ordinance and resolution intended to define how members of the Anderson Police Department behave will be considered this week by the City Council.

Local community activist Lindsay Brown asked the council last month to consider an ordinance calling for specific guidelines concerning the behavior of police officers.

The Anderson City Council will consider both the resolution and ordinance at 7 p.m. Thursday. It’s expected the resolution will be adopted and the ordinance will be introduced, but not passed on all three readings.

Last month the administration of Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. and Anderson Police Chief Jake Brown banned the use of chokeholds when officers are making an arrest.

Brown said Tuesday he worked with Rosemary Khoury, council attorney, on drafting the resolution and ordinance.

“I didn’t want it to appear to be an attack on any one person,” he said. “It’s intended to help the police department.

“We need to work together and move forward,” Brown said. “Instead of being reactive we need to be proactive and be the leader and make changes.”

As proposed, the ordinance would ban chokeholds, “knee on the neck” and no-knock search warrants.

It would also prohibit the directing of individuals to lie in a position face down on the ground while handcuffed.

The ordinance also requires an officer who witnesses another member of the police department using one of the prohibited arrest methods to report it immediately to a supervisor or a supervisor’s superior.

It calls for the immediate purchase of body cameras for all APD officers and to be activated immediately when an officer exits a patrol vehicle. The body cameras would remain activated during an entire situation.

Broderick and Brown have indicated their intention to purchase body cameras for each member of the department.

The proposed ordinance spells out possible discipline for a violation to include suspension without pay during an investigation and possible termination if the investigation results in a finding of guilt.

The proposed resolution contains the measures included in the ordinance but further states for Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. to allow the Civilian Review Board the ability to review complaints of excessive force used by officers and to make a recommendation to the Anderson Board of Public Safety.

The resolution also calls on the mayor to establish a database accessible by the public that catalogs use of force by APD officers.

It also calls for more diverse hiring practices throughout city government and the reestablishment of the Social Status of Black Males Committee under new leadership and with a budget to pursue its mission.

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