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ELWOOD — A second person has been charged in the March 17 death of an Elwood toddler.

A charge of murder was filed in Madison Circuit Court 6 against Zachary P. Foor, 27, of Elwood on Wednesday.

Foor is the boyfriend of Anna-Maria Junette San Nicolas Pablo, 22. Pablo was charged with murder after her daughter, Emmarie Pablo, died.

The couple told authorities they took Emmarie to Lafayette and the home of Pablo’s uncle the night before her death and returned to pick her up the next morning.

The uncle, however, has lived in Anchorage, Alaska, since 2006.

Foor said he did not go into the apartment where Pablo said her uncle lived when they dropped Emmarie off or when they returned to get her, according to an affidavit by Ben Gosnell of the Elwood Police Department.

He said Emmarie did not have any bruising before they dropped her off or after they picked her up, according to the affidavit. The only injury he noticed was that Emmarie’s eye looked “as if she was poked in the eye” or “an eyelash was in her eye.”

“Zach then stated that Anna is a registered nurse and told her to go with her gut because she knows what is best,” Gosnell wrote.

Foor went on to say the couple had been looking for a home closer to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis because Pablo just accepted a job there and was supposed to start March 18. He said she is a bioelectrical engineer and she was going to head up a new wing at the hospital that they just built, but he did not know what it was, according to the affidavit.

The job experience listed on Pablo’s LinkedIn page lists her as being an emergency medical technician since 2015.

A search of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency under Pablo’s name does not yield results for her as a registered nurse or EMT.

Authorities had Pablo reenact the things she said she did before bringing Emmarie to St. Vincent Mercy Hospital and noted several inconsistencies between her story and those of other people who were interviewed.

While police were searching the home, Gosnell said they collected a bloody diaper, “multiple dry and wet clothing with bloodstains on them including baby clothes.” A onesie that Pablo said Emmarie was wearing was under a vanity sink cabinet soaking wet with bloodstains.

Authorities also discovered two syringes, a metal spoon, digital scales and a pill cutter in the bathroom that all tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the affidavit.

In the bedroom they found blood stains on a child’s clothing, on pillowcases, blue rags near the bed and a sweatshirt Foor said he was wearing.

“One particular pillow had a substantial amount of staining consistent with blood including an imprint of what appeared to me to be small lips,” Gosnell wrote.

Madison County Coroner Danielle Noone said the autopsy showed Emmarie had signs of both suffocation and strangulation.

Gosnell said he spoke by telephone with the uncle who Pablo and Foor said watched Emmarie overnight the day before her death. The man said he has not been to Lafayette since 2016 when he attended a wedding, according to the affidavit. He gave Gosnell his time card showing he was at work in Alaska during the time Pablo said she was visiting with him.

The uncle told Gosnell he had “no idea” why Pablo said she dropped Emmarie off with him and he had only seen the little girl on a video call.

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