ANDERSON — Madison County Coroner Danielle Noone says Mona Davis was strangled to death.

“After final autopsy and toxicology results, Mona Davis’ manner of death was homicide and cause of death was manual strangulation,” Noone said.

Davis’ daughter, Bonnie Joslin, 34, has been charged with murder.

Court documents, at the time of Joslin’s arrest, say a jail informant told police grisly details about Davis’ death after Joslin took the woman into her confidence.

But the informant told police Joslin suffocated her mother.

She told police Joslin argued with her mother about buying synthetic marijuana and then placed a pillow over her mother’s face and held it there until she stopped moving.

Davis, 53, was found on June 20 in the Madison Square Apartments in Anderson where she lived with Joslin.

“The informant provided specific details of the crime scene and specific details of Mona’s death, known only to law enforcement officers,” Larry Crenshaw of the Anderson Police Department wrote in his affidavit.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said there could be a number of different reasons why the informant’s statements to police do not match the physical evidence.

“It’s something that needs to be explained,” Cummings said. “That’s something detectives will have to investigate and rectify with the evidence we already have.”

He said police never include all of the evidence surrounding a case in the court documents and the disparity between the informant’s story and final autopsy results will not hurt the prosecution.

“One of the things that happens is the police are real reluctant to release all of the information because when you talk to someone and they give you details of the crime, you don’t want them to have read it in the newspaper,” Cummings said. “You want to know when someone is telling you something they have to have firsthand information.

“These are things that investigators deal with all the time.”

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