Shane Street

Shane Street, 40, was arrested on Saturday.

ELWOOD — Madison County sheriff's deputies arrested an Elwood man who they say attempted to rob a family member Saturday, beating the woman before he forced her into his car with a knife and then threatened to kill her with an AR-15 rifle.

Shane Street, 40, of Elwood was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery, criminal confinement, intimidation, domestic battery, pointing a firearm and criminal confinement.

Street was admitted to St. Vincent Mercy Hospital on Friday, after making suicidal threats, according to a press release from the Madison County Sheriff's Department.

He was released the next day. Deputies say he drove to a family member’s home about 11 a.m. and went through a purse searching for money.

The woman told deputies when Street did not find any money he started to hit her and threatened to kill her.

“She states Mr. Street grabbed a kitchen knife and held it against her throat and ordered her to get in his vehicle that he was going to kill her,” the press release states.

Deputies said Street took the woman to his residence and ordered her and another family member who was inside to sit on the living room furniture before he battered and strangled the woman again.

Street is then accused of getting an AR-15 rifle and pointing it at the woman’s head and threatening to kill her, according to the press release.

Deputies said “at an unknown time” the situation de-escalated and Street released the woman and a family member, but told them to bring him the woman’s car and woman.

“The victim complied and returned with the car and money,” according to the press release. On Sunday, the woman reported the incident to authorities.

A perimeter was established around Street’s home where deputies said they could see him walking on the property and holding the AR-15 rifle.

“With Mr. Street's unstable mental health and the violent allegations it was determined a Madison County Sheriff's Department negotiator would make contact,” the press release states.

Before the negotiator made contact with Street, he got into a vehicle and attempted to drive away, deputies said.

Police were blocking the road in both directions and when Street stopped his vehicle at one of the blockades, he was arrested without incident, according to the press release.

Deputies seized two handguns, a shotgun and an AR-15 rifle after Street was arrested.

“Our deputies and assisting agencies did a fantastic job containing this situation,” Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger said in the press release. “New and current statutes allowed us to seize weapons which the alleged perpetrator was using to terrorize the victims.”

“Ultimately a court could order release of the weapons, however, we will fight to keep them out of this person’s possession.”

Follow Traci L. Miller @_TraciMiller on Twitter, email her at, or call her at 765-640-4805.

Follow Traci L. Miller @_TraciMiller on Twitter, email her at, or call her at 765-640-4805.

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