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ANDERSON — An Elwood man has been charged with offering a 13-year-old girl cash to cuddle with him on a couch.

Sean David McGahey, 21, was arrested Friday on a Level 4 felony charge of child molesting and Level 5 felony charges of criminal confinement and child solicitation.

According to police affidavit, the child molest charge is for forcefully fondling a 13-year-old girl and kissing her against his will. The confinement charge is for confining the girl to the couch, and the solicitation charge stems from his offering money to cuddle with him.

During his initial hearing Monday, McGahey said he has hired an attorney and Magistrate Kevin Eads set his bond at $20,000 full cash.

McGahey said he was employed in New Jersey and hoped to become a resident of that state in the future.

The probable cause affidavit states McGahey was at a residence in Elwood and drinking alcohol on May 6.

He then allegedly fondled the 13-year-old girl and kissed her on the neck and chest after she repeatedly told him to stop.

“No, you’re 21, you’ve got to stop,” the girl said she told McGahey, according to the affidavit.

McGahey allegedly offered the 13-year-old and an 18-year-old girl $1 to come and cuddle with him and then offered $10 to the two girls.

During a Kids Talk interview, the 13-year-old said McGahey grabbed her around the neck to the point she was having trouble breathing.

It is alleged that McGahey also was lying on top of the girl while on the couch and wouldn’t release her.

McGahey also told the girl not to tell anyone because he didn’t want to get into trouble, according to the complaint.

He sent a text stating “Losers. Making me sleep alone.”

The next day McGahey called the girls and told them he was coming over and they hid behind a refrigerator so that he couldn’t see them, the complaint said.

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